Haji-Ghassemi Research Lab

Lab Culture

Lab Culture

We encourages an open and diverse community that fosters the inclusion of voices that have been underrepresented or discouraged. Applications from members of groups that have been marginalized including sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, racialization, disability, political belief, religion, marital or family status, age, and/or status as a First Nation, Metis, Inuit, or Indigenous person are encouraged to apply.

A happy lab lead to happy crystals


We are looking for highly motivated individuals with a keen interest in protein kinase biology and ion channel regulation. The applicant should have experience with either structural biology (X-ray Crystallography or cryo-EM preferred) or enzymology/protein biochemistry. Post-doctoral candidates are expected to have a proven track record through first-author publications in peer-reviewed journals. This is a good opportunity for experienced structural biologists to learn functional experiments and to venture into structural work on protein kinases. 

Student expectations

The student is expected part of an interdisciplinary team that uses structural biology (crystallography, computational biology, single particle cryo-EM), protein biochemistry and molecular biology methods to study disease-relevant protein states and tease out novel interactions that ultimately will help elucidate how our brain and muscles work.

The ideal candidate would be a talented and highly motivated undergraduate or master student with degree completed in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Chemistry or Physical Chemistry. The minimum GPA equivalent to be considered for this position is >3.2 (>75 %). International applicants are required to provide proof of proficiency in English, if the language of instruction is not English. A TOEFL score of 97 (Internet-based test), or an IELTS score of 7.0 or above is required.

Prior experience with molecular biology techniques, protein biochemistry/structural biology is desired, but not critical. Please do not send an application to the department directly. Interested students can email me directly.