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The lab is located in the sunniest and one of the most enterprising cities in Canada. Calgary is one of the world’s cleanest cities and has been named as one of the world’s most livable cities, and hence it is a great place to do research and build a career while living in an affordable city. Calgary is less than an hour’s drive from the majestic Rocky Mountains and boasts the most extensive urban pathway and bikeway network in North America.  

The University of Calgary is a young and ambitious comprehensive research institution, located in the nation’s most enterprising and sunniest city. The university is making tremendous progress and aims to be recognized as one of Canada’s top five research universities, grounded in innovative learning and teaching, and fully integrated with the community it both serves and leads. The student body includes 28,000 undergraduate and 6,800 graduate students enrolled across 100 different undergraduate, graduate or professional degree programs. For more information, visit ucalgary.ca.

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